Photo  ©  Elliott Franks

Tomos Brangwyn

Tomos Brangwyn is an award winning London based wildlife photographer who specialises in creating images of the spectacular natural life that thrives within one of the world's greatest cities.

Tomos'  work has appeared in all UK national newspapers and recent clients include The Daily Mail, The Guardian, BBC Wildlife Magazine, Bird Watching Magazine, The Evening Standard and the BBC Natural History Unit. Tomos and his photography have featured on the BBC 'One Show'.

An experienced press photographer, Tomos has dedicated much of his time to promoting and sharing the wildlife that he grew up with throughout London.

A keen conservationist, he has worked with Lewisham Council to install kingfisher nest banks, organised bird box making workshops in city schools and has of late spent much of his time exploring London's hidden network of concrete water channels, photographing the iconic kingfisher.

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